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Why is the IBEW organizing?
Why should I consider joining the IBEW?
Who runs the union?
The facts about the National Labor Relations Act
Why Organize?

Compare Wages!

Why is the IBEW Organizing?

There seems to be several myths about this question, some of which are as follows:

  • The IBEW wants more members strictly to increase their funds by way of collecting more dues.

  • The IBEW wants to bring in non-union electricians to take their jobs from them by putting existing union members to work ahead of the new members.

  • The IBEW wants to put the non-union contractors out of business  by way of denying  them qualified electricians.

The truth is the IBEW is a labor organization dedicated to the Labor Movement. Which means that their members believe that all working men and women are entitled to the same wages and benefits, regardless of whether they are working on jobs that must pay prevailing wages due to Federal or State laws or whether they are in the IBEW.
As workers the IBEW believes that contractors should compete on their business abilities and their estimating skills, not on how little they can pay their employees nor on how bad of working conditions their employees will tolerate. If the workers do not join together, both wages and working conditions will deteriorate. Without the presence of the Union, electrical work would be another minimum wage industry. Up until a few years ago the electrical industry in Dayton was on a down hill spiral. Non-union electrician wages were steadily going down and Union wages were stagnating. Since that time the wages and benefits have been on the rise in both sectors. It is no accident that this has happened. The contractors did not all of a sudden decide that it would be a good idea. The reason wages and benefits have risen is because the IBEW is organizing.  The reason is, when workers band together, contractors know that they can no longer drive wages down by telling you to take it or leave it.
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Why should I consider joining the IBEW?

The IBEW is committed to the advancement of the Wages, Benefits, and Working Conditions of All Electricians!
What does "Joining the IBEW" mean?

Joining the IBEW means that you will be a part of an organization whose objectives are :

  • To promote reasonable methods of work,

  • To cultivate feelings of friendship among those of our industry,

  • To settle all disputes between employers and employees by arbitration (if possible),

  • To assist each other in sickness or distress,

  • To secure employment,

  • To reduce the hours of daily labor,

  • To secure adequate pay for our work,

  • To seek a higher and higher standard of living,

  • To seek security for the individual,

  •  And by legal and proper means to elevate the morale, intellectual and social conditions of our members, their families and dependents, in the interest of a higher standard of citizenship.

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Who runs the Union?

YOU elect your own local union officers.
YOU run your own local union affairs.
YOU have your own negotiating committee.
YOU make the decisions on your own union contract.
YOU have your own shop stewards.
YOU decide important policies and actions of your    own union by majority vote.
YOU elect your international officers.
YOU elect your own delegates to the international   conventions.
YOU- the membership - are the final voice of authority   and decision in your Union.
Our union exists for one and only one major reason - the good of our members. Our union, the IBEW, accomplishes as a unit what we cannot accomplish as individuals.  
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The facts about the National Labor Relations Act

Did you know...

The National Labor Relations Act protects employees rights to discuss wages and benefits with co-workers. It has also been ruled that it is a violation of the Act for an employer to discipline its employees for discussing and comparing their current wages with each other. An employer can not make or enforce this type of policy.

The Act protects employees rights to talk about Unions with their co-workers.

An employer that spies on employees engaging in protected concerted activity, such as Union talk or meetings, can be fined under the Act.

Employers do not have the right to discriminate in hiring or firing based purely on Union sympathy or affiliation.

The National Labor Relations Act is for ALL employees, not just Union or non-Union. It provides ALL of us with protection.
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Why Organize?

Limited Rights without Union!    

In today's world, more than ever, workers need to join together.  Instead of one lonely person asking for his share of the pie, by joining with others, employees can bargain from a greater position of strength and demand fairer wages, better health benefits, and a retirement plan for the future.  In fact, according to the Department of Labor, union workers typically make up to 64% more than non-union workers in the same occupations!

Why?  Because a union creates a more level playing field between employer and employee.

Union representation means that you gain rights.  Legal rights that you don't have without a union contract.

You gain rights with a Union!Under the employment at will doctrine, the cornerstone of American employment law, in general terms, unless you belong to a protected group, your employer has the right to discipline or terminate, with impunity, you for any reason -- even a bad one -- or for no reason at all.  That's why it is sometimes called the fire at will doctrine.  

However, with a collective bargaining agreement, you have rights.  Management must have just cause for any disciplinary action taken against a union employee.  You bargain over wages, health benefits, working conditions and a retirement plan for your future.  But, you bargain collectively with the strength that comes from a collective voice.

A union is an organization of workers joined together for a common purpose, for mutual aid and protection, to engage in concerted activity and collective bargaining, to elevate their conditions of life and labor; an organization by which ordinary people do extraordinary things.

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