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Wage Calculator

Are you happy with the wages you currently are paid? Do you look forward to retirement knowing that it is secure? In today's world we all need sound investments for our retirement. If you are not being paid a fair wage now, how can you expect to be financially secure in retirement? The tables below will give you an idea of what you could be making and what your retirement could be like if you were a Journeyman Wireman with the IBEW. To determine how much you are losing in wages, we have provided you with the calculator. All you have to do is type in your hourly wage in the first box under "Your Current Wages" and click on the "Calculate" button. Once you have viewed your losses, pick up your phone and call our Organizer. Joining the IBEW now can and will make a difference now and in your future.


Your Current Wages

The Difference

$30.15 Hourly rate

$ **


$1,206.00 Based on 40 hours



$63,100.00 Based on 50 weeks



Difference over 30 years based on above


Calculate then reset

Can you afford to suffer these losses?

Now, how do your wages compare with union apprentice wages shown below?**




Yearly (50 weeks)

























Based on a 40 hour week at 50 weeks

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