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These contributions are what determines your eligibility for Health and Welfare and Retirement benefits. Each quarter that you work, you will receive a statement from the benefits office showing the contributions received on your behalf from your employer. It is important that you compare this report to your check stubs to make sure that all of your contributions are being reported properly. In the event of an error or a question, please call the American Benefit Corporation at:
(855) 251-1486 Ext. 365

Contribution Rates

IBEW Local 82 Pension Fund

$7.60 per hour paid

IBEW Local 82 Annuity

$2.95 per hour paid

Health and Welfare Fund

$6.80 per hour paid*

Please check the working agreement for additional information concerning overtime and apprentice contributions

IBEW Local 82 Pension Fund
Effective September 1, 2003
The monthly amount of your Normal Retirement Pension will be equal to the sum of the following:

  • $2.70 for each year of Past Service (Before 1964) up to a maximum of 15 credits, PLUS

  • 4.2% of each Eligible Contribution paid to the Fund on your behalf prior to September 1, 2003, PLUS

  • 3.0% of each Eligible Hourly Contribution paid to the Fund on your behalf after September 1, 2003

  • 1.0% of each Eligible Hourly Contribution paid to the Fund on your behalf after October 1, 2004.

The "Eligible Hourly Contribution" does not include the $.25 per hour that is directed toward the general assets of the Pension Fund to provide the Thirty Years and Out Service Pension.

IBEW Local 82 401(k) Plan
The Local 82 Union Office has the forms you need to change your payroll deductions and asset allocation. You can defer up to 20% to the 401(k) Plan.

IBEW Local 82 Health and Welfare Fund
Presently the current benefit charge is $810 a month. It takes 139.66 hours per month @ $5.80 per hour to maintain eligibility. Any contributions exceeding the benefit charge amount are credited to your Dollar Bank for future eligibility. You can accumulate up to $7,000 in your Dollar Bank.

*$1.00 of the Health and Welfare contribution is placed into a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).

For prescription benefits information visit

For details of all plans, CLICK HERE

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